Men's Health

Men's health

More to men's health than prostate problems and testosterone levels. 

A lot of mens health concerns are age specific.  Here's the sort of issues your Ellen Health GP will have in mind : 

  • is blood pressure down to healthy limits?
  • can lung function be improved ... and is cigarette smoking still on the health agenda ? 
  • is the cholesterol profile OK
  • when was bowel cancer screening done last? 
  • where is physical activity on the daily schedule?  Is alcohol becoming a health problem? 
  • which side of 100cms is the waist circumference? 
  • blood sugar levels may need checking
  • what about sexually transmitted infections? 
  • would skilled counselling help to get some important decision made ... and life back on track? 
  • does erectile function need to be discussed? 
  • is sleep apnoea causing low energy and  blood pressure problems ? 
  • is it time for another skin check.?

We are looking for ways to improve mens access to Ellen Health services: 

  • On-line appointment booking system (Health Engine) on our website.
  • After hours and weekend appointments. 
  • Your Laboratory and Radiology reports on-line using our electronic results service.