Mental Health

Mental health

You are not Alone. 

Ellen Health cares for patients living with a wide range of mental health problems. Many of our Ellen Health GPs have additional training and experience in the management of mental health conditions, as well as counselling expertise.

We work in partnership with Clear Health Psychology and in close collaboration with local mental health services : 

  • Fremantle Clinical Psychology and Counselling

  • Headspace (15-25’s)

  • Healthy Minds (One Healthy Community...formerly Fremantle Medicare Local) : Access to Allied Psychological Services = ATAPS)

  • "Better Outcomes in Mental Health Care" : Commonwealth subsidised professional community based counseling = BOMHS)

  • Alma Street Centre (Fremantle Hospital mental health services)

  • St John of God Health Care Counselling and Relationships Australia.

If you are suffering from stress or are concerned that you may have a mental health condition, please book a long appointment with one of our caring doctors.  You will also need to book a double appointment if you require a "GP Mental Health Plan"