Immunisations can be booked with our nurses between 8:30am and 5:00pm

Our nurses have considerable experience with the WA infant vaccination schedule and liaise with the Rheola Street immunisation clinic when there are complicating factors such as immunisations commenced overseas or previous vaccination reactions or delayed commencement.

A doctor’s appointment is not necessary as the nurse will call the doctor on duty to check and approve the immunisation.

Appointments for routine childhood immunisations are bulk billed. Fees may apply for complex appointments and to cover the cost of travel vaccines.

Routine immunisations are registered with the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register.

Ellen health offers the full WA Health Immunisation schedule for children and adults. Many of these are provided free of charge from the Government.

In addition, an extensive range of travel vaccinations are available, along with important information from our doctors and nurses.

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WA Health Immunisation information

Information for families about immunisation

Fact Sheets on Immunisation