Dr. Nancy Yiin


Cert. Skin Cancer Medicine, Cert. Skin Cancer Surgery
Cert. Women’s Health

Skin Cancer Doctor

Dr. Nancy graduated from The University of New South Wales in 2007. She subsequently completed her specialist training in 2012 and is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

Dr Nancy works full time in skin cancer medicine and has completed her advanced post graduate training in skin cancer medicine and skin cancer surgery.

She offers comprehensive full body skin cancer checks to her patients. She performs onsite skin lesions biopsy & excisions of skin cancers including basal cell cancers/ squamous cell cancers / melanoma. Dr Nancy is also able to provided non-surgical skin cancer treatment including topical and photodynamic therapy where appropriate.

Dr Nancy believes in the importance of early detection of skin cancer resulting in optimal outcome for the patient. She is dedicated to providing the best possible care for her patients. She speaks both English and Mandarin. When she is not at work she is kept fit by her 2 energetic boys and enjoys acrylic painting.