Tradies National Health Month

The responsibility for workplace health and safety sits with employers. Your workers are your most important assets, so it’s vital you ensure they have access to the best health and safety advice available.

Aussie tradies make up 30 per cent of the Australian workforce, yet they account for a staggering 56 per cent in serious claims for worker’s compensation, according to latest statistics from Safe Work Australia. We want to reduce that statistic.

There are benefits in using a range of physical therapies to manage musculoskeletal ailments, including injuries and arthritis.

We work closely with Lifecare Physiotherapy who share our medical building complex in Fremantle. We have doctors with expertise in the assessment and management of injuries, physical rehabilitation, acupuncture, dry needling and laser therapies. We appreciate the benefits of a team approach. 

There are a number of ways you can support Tradies National Health Month:

Choose WorkWell — we can come to your workplace

Contact us and we can come and provide a workplace assessment tailored to your tradies. We can do many things:

  • provide safe manual handling tips
  • demonstrate safe stretches for injury prevention and management techniques that can be incorporated into your crew’s daily routine
  • raise awareness and knowledge about workplace safety and injury prevention
  • check your workplace for risks and health hazards
  • highlight the benefits of seeing a health professional for a range of chronic health conditions, for example, diabetes management, cardiovascular disease and even pelivc concerns.

You can set up an ongoing health package with our team, where we can come to your workplace to ensure health and safety remains a top priority. That way your workers can stay well, and the job will get done on time, without lost time due to injuries. 

Put on a health and safety breakfast

Why not host a healthy breakfast or smoko break for your tradies? You can do this yourself, or have one of our team come down and provide some tips about health and safety on the worksite. It’s important to raise awareness and reinforce the message that a tradie’s health is their most important tool. This is a good opportunity to share some real-life case studies that demonstrate the importance of physical therapies in helping tradies prevent injury as well as getting back on the job as quickly and safely as possible after injury.