Rainbow Clinic

Treating everyone with dignity, empathy and compassion.

At Ellen Health we welcome patients of all ages and from all walks of life; of different cultural, spiritual and sexual backgrounds.

Our ‘rainbow’ sex and gender clinic is for:

  • Pregnancy & Fertility care
  • Sexual healthcare
  • Caring for our LGBTIQ+ community

Pregnancy care

Our team provides comprehensive family planning, pregnancy and postnatal care. We enjoy sharing this special journey with you.

We have a proactive approach, encouraging holistic health care and addressing diet and lifestyle factors as a priority in pregnancy planning.

Did you know that 10% of couples open to pregnancy are still not pregnant after 12 months of ‘trying’? We recommend that you book early for a thorough health check and pre-pregnancy plan. For couples finding it difficult to conceive, we will discuss healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and arrange tests and referral to a fertility specialist as required.

The postnatal period often brings considerable stress to a family. Our team will help support and guide you when challenged with sleepless nights.

If you are planning a family, extending your family or you are currently pregnant, please call Ellen Health to arrange a consultation in our antenatal clinic.

Here are some helpful information links:
Pregnancy, Birth and Baby | Pregnancy Birth and Baby (pregnancybirthbaby.org.au)

Where to have your baby?

  • Public patients: (dependent on postcode and medical factors)
  • Fiona Stanley Hospital (also offers a Family Birth Centre option)
  • King Edward Memorial Hospital (also offers a Family Birth Centre option)
  • Rockingham General Hospital
  • Community midwifery program with domino (hospital birth)
  • Home birth
  • Privately insured patients:
  • St John of God, Murdoch, Subiaco or Mount Lawley
  • Glengarry Hospital, Duncraig

We have collaborative arrangements with local hospitals, midwives and specialist obstetricians. Frequently our patients choose ‘shared care’ so they have most of their antenatal checks at Ellen Health (around 6-8 visits throughout the pregnancy), along with a ‘booking in’ visit to their choice of hospital around 20 weeks gestation, and then attending the hospital again from 36 weeks until the birth of their baby.

If you have private health insurance, you may choose to see a private obstetrician for care throughout your pregnancy, and arrange delivery at a private maternity hospital.

If you are considering a home birth, we can help you assess your individual risk factors to decide where to have your baby. Whilst the overall risk of a poor outcome is low, that risk is higher in the home situation where there can be delays in obtaining necessary help. We can provide evidence based information for couples to make an informed birth plan. Our goal is for healthy mums and healthy babies, with minimal risks and minimal intervention.

When do I need to book appointments for routine checks in pregnancy?

Ideally we recommend a long consultation for pregnancy planning prior to conception. This allows factors such as immunisation status, nutritional requirements, and individual risk factors to be addressed, to optimise your health prior to conception.

We can discuss the option of tests for carrier screening for genetic disorders. Here is a web link:
RANZCOG – Reproductive Carrier Screening

Private insurance funds require waiting periods before qualifying for obstetric cover (prior to conception).

Do I need supplements?

Most women are advised to start supplements prior to conception: Folic acid 500mcg daily, Iodine 150 mcg daily and omega 3 supplements. There are a number of prenatal multivitamin preparations available. There are also established benefits of taking omega 3 oil and probiotics in pregnancy.

Summary of usual appointment times with GP or midwife

  • Booking (pregnancy diagnosis) GP or midwife visit (assess risk factors)
  • 12-14 weeks GP or midwife
  • 18 weeks GP or midwife
  • 20-24 weeks Hospital booking in visit
  • 28 weeks GP or midwife
  • 30 weeks GP or midwife
  • 32 weeks GP or midwife
  • 34 weeks GP or midwife
  • 36 weeks GP or hospital check
  • 37, 38, 39, 40 weeks+ Hospital visits (may share with GP)

When do I need tests in my pregnancy?

  • Booking in visit (early pregnancy): Routine blood and urine tests are arranged (there are many tests at the beginning).
  • An ultrasound will be arranged if you are uncertain of the date of your last menstrual period, or if there are any concerns such as bleeding.
  • Optional non invasive prenatal test (NIPT) from 10 weeks.
  • Non invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) studies your baby’s DNA from 10 weeks of gestation. This maternal blood test analyses fetal cells in mum’s circulation. The cost for the basic test is around $460 without a Medicare rebate for this. Please see the weblinks below for further information on the early pregnancy tests that are available.
  • At 12 or 13 weeks we recommend a careful ultrasound examination.
  • At 18-20 weeks a second thorough ultrasound to check your baby’s body morphology, “anatomy scan”, placenta and cervical length.
  • At 26-28 weeks a blood test, mainly to check for diabetes in pregnancy.
  • At 32-36 weeks another blood test, mainly to check blood count.
  • At 36+ weeks a vaginal swab for infection is taken (Group B Strep).
  • Additional blood tests and Anti D injections are required for women who have a Rhesus negative blood group.
  • Additional blood tests may be required for certain circumstances, such as women with thyroid problems.


Pregnancy is a time of increased risk of more serious infections when contracting infectious diseases. Ideally vaccination status will be updated prior to conception.
The WA Health Department provides free vaccinations against influenza and whooping cough for pregnant women. Please discuss your vaccination status at your appointment.

Websites for information: support services, for babies, pregnancy and loss…..

Websites for information:  support services, for babies, pregnancy and loss…..

Sexual and Gender Healthcare

Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual / Transgender / Queer or Questioning / Intersex and other sexually diverse patients

We acknowledge and respect patients of diverse sexuality and gender identity.

Our experienced practitioners can assist patients with sexuality concerns, screening and treating sexually transmissible diseases, pain with intercourse, low libido and relationship concerns. Our sexologist works with individuals and couples to enhance sexual self esteem, intimacy and satisfaction. We have GPs with special interest in caring for those with gender identity concerns, including transgender individuals.

Many LGBTQI patients experience bullying and mental health concerns. Research has shown that gay men and lesbians have reduced access to medical care because of their fear of discrimination.

Full testing for sexual transmissible diseases is available. It may also be appropriate to discuss HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

At Ellen Health we strive to make everyone feel welcome and safe. We offer sexual health services to meet the needs of each individual.

Our sexologist is Helena Green. Helena’s goal of sexual and intimacy based counselling is for patients to feel empowered by discovering new or different possibilities. Patients experience increased self-confidence and improved body image, and realistic hopefulness in their relationships with self and others. Helena’s special interest and expertise include supporting women who experience cancer, pelvic pain related to sexual intimacy, vaginismus and vulvodynia.

For those with gender identity concerns, we offer specialised counselling services. We have many patients undergoing transition from one gender to another.

Our caring practitioners will listen and help you in dealing with health concerns, and liaise with other specialists where appropriate.

Link: http://www.livingproud.org.au/
Home – TransFolk of WA

Changing your name | Western Australian Government (www.wa.gov.au)


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