Information Technology

Ellen Health has been fully computerised since 2003

All clinical, reception and management activity is electronic and integrated. Our doctors use clinical software for record keeping and prescribing. Our objective is to build a comprehensive clinical record for every patient to facilitate continuity of care throughout the practice. Privacy and security are particular priorities.

We use “Best Practice” integrated clinical software. We have an intranet to facilitate ready access to in-house policies and procedures.

Full Reception Duties

Digital records are made including patient appointments, billing, messaging and scanning of all correspondence.


Medical records, prescriptions and medication management including MIMS online, letter writing with a suite of template documents, secure electronic communication with pathology and radiology providers, supporting documents for enhanced primary care, a “Doctors Control Panel” for communication of laboratory and radiology results. 

Practice Management

Data base searching capacity for management decision making and research.


Data entry for new patients, Health Assessments, medicals and chronic disease management. Maintenance of a Recall system.  “cdmNet” for chronic disease management and communication with other members of the care team. 

Ellen Health Clinical Support

High speed broadband access for each workstation including the consulting rooms.

Sharepoint practice Intranet for clinical resources as well as online decision support utilities ; e-TG and AMH are readily accessible on the desktop in each consulting room

Remote Access

All doctors have the capacity to remotely access the practice network when necessary. This allows laboratory results to be checked after hours, reports to be written from home and the time and date of consulting sessions to be double checked.