Quality Assurance

Delivering excellent health care

Ellen Health staff and doctors participate in regular quality assurance (QA) activities.  Our doctors and nurses participate in continuing medical educational activities to meet vocational registration requirements.  

Regular attendance at conferences and clinical meetings

  • Ellen Health doctors, nurses and allied health regularly attend a variety of clinical meetings to keep abreast of health developments and new treatments.

National Prescribing Service (NPS) audits

  • Ellen Health doctors participate in clinical audits to improve the quality of care they provide to you.
  • During a clinical audit, the doctor records information about the treatment of patients with a particular type of illness. None of this health information can identify the patient.
  • Your doctor may participate in clinical audits on medicines run by the NPS .

Please be assured by this practice and NPS that all information collected, used and stored remains anonymous to comply with the National Privacy Principles (Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988).