Heart Health

Cardiovascular Care

It is common for our patients to ask us about chest pain and whether it could be related to heart disease. This questions can usually be resolved with careful attention to history, examination and some appropriate tests. Sometimes it is more about chest discomfort, tightness, constriction or an indigestion feeling. 

Chest Pain

Primary Care (your GP team) is involved with early detection of heart problems and preventing heart disease where possible.

“Absolute Cardiovascular Risk” is a way of calculating your personal heart risks into a score and using this number to guide lifestyle change and medical treatment. Healthy balanced nutrition and regular daily activity are always part of the prescription. The absolute risk calculator can help to decide whether you would also benefit from blood pressure lowering medications or a “statin” prescription for cholesterol.

Our GPs are able to use the “Absolute Cardiovascular Risk” calculator. We keep an eye on research in this area to try to improve the accuracy and power of the Risk Calculator. We will discuss the benefits and risks of additional tests as necessary.

Team Work

We work closely with local cardiologists, nutritionists, exercise physiologists and physiotherapists whenever this expertise would help to reach your targets.

Heart Disease in Women

The causes and symptoms of heart disease in women can differ from that in men, but Ischaemic Heart Disease (IHD) is still the leading cause of death among women in the western world. High blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose are among the various factors that contribute to disease in the lining of the coronary arteries. The symptoms of IHD also differ in women. Women are more likely to experience neck and throat pain and to complain that the pain as intense, sharp, or burning. Risk factor modification can be tailored based on each patient’s risk. Hormone replacement therapy, antioxidants, folic acid, and aspirin in healthy women under 65 years of age may not be effective in the prevention of IHD.