Urgent Care

Highest quality medical care

Our 7 days per week general practice means that we can help you with acute sickness. Even when our doctors are fully booked, we endeavor to arrange an urgent nurse assessment. Our RN will assess your condition and facilitate the medical care you need.  

We are proud to support the Government’s recent drive to care for patients in the community general practice rather than hospital emergency departments.

If you need urgent care, we will find you the first available appointment with one of our team of doctors. Our doctors have access to your medical history, medications and laboratory results to ensure continuity of care. The Wray Avenue Pharmacy is co-located in our building, and generally open when we are.

Our Team

Dr. Michael Steele
Dr Steele is a General Practitioner at Ellen Health. He has extensive experience as Rural GP in Queensland and in Metro ...
Dr. Michael Steele